5 Things your Chiropractor Wishes you’d Stop Doing

Do you suffer from excruciating backaches that refuses to abate? Ditch the OTC pills and lookout for the best chiropractor near Rocklin. Spinal manipulation and chiropractic care is gaining immense popularity and often used to treat problems associated with muscle joints, connective tissues, and even bones.

Many published guidelines recommend chiropractic care to be covered in the early treatment plan for the care of upper and lower back pain. Having said this, chiropractors are like any other doctors and recommend that you must follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise regimen in conjunction with the treatment. Listed below are five things that your chiropractor will recommend to abandon, so as to reap full benefits of the chiropractic sessions.

Do not Use Awkward Bags: Choosing the right backpacks, luggage, and shoulder bags, can help to alleviate excruciating back pain. Heavy bags can be appalling for your back, especially when they are put up in a wrong way. Choose a backpack that distributes weight across both your shoulders equally. Also, check to see if it has adjustable wide and padded straps. Keep your backpack light and wear it with both the straps fastened properly. If you use a shoulder bag then be sure to switch the shoulders regularly.

Do not Sleep on your Tummy: Inappropriate sleeping posture such as resting on your stomach can lead to neck and backache. This is because your neck doesn’t get the desired support it needs when you sleep on your stomach. This puts a lot of stress on your spine. If you are a side sleeper then any best chiropractor near Rocklinwill identify this and recommend the use of a medium-high pillow to support your neck.

Do not Stare at your Smartphone: Most of us spend hours every day staring at gadgets and smartphones screens. This leads to stiffness and pain in the neck. Did you know that you exert a whopping 60 pounds of pressure on your spine while you are typing on your phone? Put down your phone until you really need to use it. And, when the need arises, lift it up to eye level. Though this may seem awkward to onlookers however, your neck will thank you for this!

Do not Sit in the Same position for Entire Day: Sitting for prolonged periods in an awkward position can cause both pain and discomfort. Avoid sitting in the same position for longer than 30 minutes at a time. Take short breaks, get up and move around, and if the time permits you may do a few stretching exercises.

Do not lift Heavy Loads: Lifting up heavy loads can trigger back pain and also causes sprain. If you have to lift something heavy then best chiropractor near Rocklin recommend you must position yourself close to the object and bend your knees. While lifting up the load keep your back in a neutral spine position. Do not twist your body while carrying a heavy load.

Whether you suffer from backache or a dip in immunity, chiropractors at Connected Chiropractic will help you get back your sound health. For effective and affordable individualized treatment programs contact Connected Chiropractic at 916-624-4553.

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