Connected Chiropractic

At Connected Chiropractic, we are a family-focused wellness practice. We feel that there is nothing more important than caring for our next generation.

We’re known as a super-friendly practice and “micro-community.” We welcome people from all different walks of life and in all different stages of life, who wish to live life connected. We feature cutting-edge diagnostic tools to objectively measure your current state of health, including heart rate variability testing, surface EMG and thermography.

Dr. Michelle Arietta couples this noninvasive testing with high-quality chiropractic care to make sure that positive outcomes are an everyday reality.

Here are the most common types of practice members that are attracted to our office:

  • Practice members who are concerned with maintaining good posture and don’t want a “dowager’s hump” as they age.
  • Those who value and honor their bodies and want to use them well; they love yoga, golf and other physical activities.
  • People who are suffering from long-term stress and heading toward burnout. They’re sedentary and dealing with aches and pains, headaches and poor reactions to stress.
  • Kids who are locked up in a world that doesn’t connect with yours or who rage, act out and can’t settle and be calm.
  • Our Practice Goals

    We don’t use the art and science of chiropractic just to address pain and symptoms but rather to improve body function to its highest potential. Our plan is to get you out of pain as quickly as possible while focusing on three important aspects of your nervous system:

    Optimal function: We’re able to measure this through specific neurological testing designed to improve balance parameters and the brain-body connection.

    Posture: Posture has a direct correlation with spinal and extremity instability.

    Stress: Through our diagnostic testing, we can measure the irritation levels of nerves, blood vessels and glands, along with your individual response to stress.

  • Our Practice Difference

    Our goal has always been to create an office environment that’s comforting and relaxing; we’re a place where, as depicted on the TV show Cheers, “everybody knows your name.”

    Once you’ve been through our new patient procedures and are part of our practice family, you’ll find that we’re very accommodating. We try to be mindful of the variances in individual work schedules and offer convenient hours.

    We’re always pleased to welcome new families to the practice. Whether your goal is to maximize your health and function, improve athletic performance or eliminate pain, we can help. Get in touch with us today!

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