Chiropractic Care for Pregnant Women: Safety, Care, and Why It’s Important

Searching online for a ‘chiropractor near me in Rocklin’ is something far more pregnant women should do. And why is that? Pregnancy involves a lot of changes to your body. Women experience both hormonal and physical changes as they move through the stages of pregnancy. Many of the physical changes that occur include an increase in the lordotic curve, postural changes, and pelvic changes.

Changes to the woman’s spine, posture, and pelvic area can cause problems related to bladder functions, support of the uterus, and delivery. Prenatal chiropractic services can realign the pelvis, teach proper posture during pregnancy, and greatly significantly a woman’s ability to deliver a baby. Pelvic and posture issues can both lead to problems that can make it difficult for the baby to move into the best position for delivery.

Trained for Prenatal Wellness

Many women visit a chiropractor during pregnancy to find relief from back pain and to improve their chances of a healthy delivery. A chiropractor trained in subluxation removal, specifically for pregnant women, can offer the adjustments needed for a safe delivery. At Connected Chiropractic, every chiropractor receives specialized training and education, so they can work with pregnant women. There are even some who focus primarily on prenatal and postnatal chiropractic services with diplomas and certificates such as:

  • Webster Certification – Trained to offer pelvic balance during pregnancy
  • CACCP – ICPA certification that reflects advanced training
  • DACCP – ICPA diplomate that reflects highest achievable advanced training
  • ICPA Member – Reflects particular interest

Delivery and Symptom Reduction

Maintaining your overall health during pregnancy is vital for both you and your baby. A chiropractor focuses on total body health, which can help pregnant women. Many women feel an onset of nervousness at the very thought of delivering a baby. A chiropractor can relieve some of that nervousness by ensuring you receive the proper natural adjustment for a safe delivery.

Aside from a safe delivery, chiropractic services for pregnant women can also offer symptom reduction. If you experience back pain commonly associated with pregnancy, you can find relief with safe spinal adjustment for expectant moms. Many people are happy to receive chiropractic services that assist them with pain relief and total body health.

We’re Your Trusted Pregnancy Chiropractor Near You in Rocklin

Now you can see why it is so important for pregnant women to consider looking for a local chiropractor in Rocklin, CA. Connected Chiropractic is happy to assist you with all of your prenatal or general chiropractic needs. To find out more about our prenatal, pediatric, and general chiropractic services, contact us today.

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