Chiropractic Care in Rocklin, CA Can Boost Immunity And Reduce Chronic Illness

More and more people are considering chiropractic services in Rocklin, CA in order to deal with all kinds of ailments. Chiropractic care can make a difference in all kinds of ways, starting with the protection it offers to one’s immune system, while simultaneously boosting the body’s natural defense against everything from environmental toxins and bacteria to germs and viruses.

The nervous system affects the immune system directly as well as indirectly, and research clearly shows how a wide range of stress can deplete immune system resources and adversely affect neurological and biological communication. This can lead to abnormal levels of B and T cells, decreased responsiveness of natural killer cells or fewer IgA antibodies secreted in the saliva. In other words, there are increased chances of getting sick.

Adaptive Physiology

This is where adaptive physiology comes in. It is an integral aspect of understanding chiropractic adjustment that how it deals specifically with the devastating effects of a vertebral subluxation. The movement of one’s spine creates stimulation of proprioceptors in the tendons, ligaments, muscles, and discs. Proprioception and mechanoreception are essential for mental and physical balance and health and are diminished when one has a vertebral subluxation, which puts the body into adaptive physiology. The subluxation must be removed to prevent it from staying there chronically.

Understanding Subluxation

Research shows that over 95% of chronic illnesses are caused by chronic adaptive physiology due to a stressor. These ailments include everything from diabetes and chronic pain to heart disease, depression, decreased libido, Alzheimer’s, infertility, dementia, insomnia, acid reflux, fatigue, constipation and auto-immune issues. Subluxation kills by affecting your health from the inside out.

Consult A Professional

Studies show that Vertebral Subluxation can be present even without pain and that getting rid of them requires the intervention of a professional trained in detecting and correcting them. Preventing them requires improving spinal range of motion and specific postural exercises, which regular chiropractic corrective care can provide.

Get Chiropractic Services in Rocklin, CA

Chiropractic services by trained professionals help people reconnect and experience life to the fullest.  Connected Chiropractic in Rocklin, CA provides affordable chiropractic to people of all ages and specializes in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care. For more information on how we can help you, contact us today.

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