How Chiropractic Care Can Ensure Safe & Healthier Birth

Many people assume that chiropractic care is just when you have pain in the back. While spinal adjustments can help alleviate pain, you can also use a chiropractor for neck pain in Rocklin to also ensure safe and healthy birth of your baby. In case you are wondering how a chiropractor can help in a safer and healthier birth, here are some ways that you may not be aware of:

Have Better Balance as Your Pregnancy Advances

As your pregnancy advances, and your tummy grows, the center of gravity shifts. As a result, you may find that your balance is not all there. Remember, your body and brain communicate with each other when it comes to balance. However, due to pregnancy, this communication goes awry. Instead of using the chiropractor for neck pain in Rocklin, opt for spinal adjustments to help open the communication channels to and from your brain. It will help you enjoy better balance while you are standing and walking, thereby minimizing the risk of falling.

Reduces the Need for Medical Intervention During Labor

When you get pregnant, your body undergoes a lot of changes to accommodate the growing baby. This usually happens with the secretion of pregnancy hormones, such as progesterone to relax the muscles, and to loosen ligaments. If you opt for chiropractic care early during your pregnancy, it prevents misalignment of your body, and ensures that your ligaments and smooth muscles relax and get loose to help along your pregnancy. Also, chiropractic care ensures the necessary hormones are secreted by the body at the right time to minimize the need for medical intervention when you go into labor.

Smoother Birthing Experience

It goes without saying that going into labor can be painful and uncomfortable. However, chiropractic care can minimize the discomfort by reducing labor time. Going for adjustments of your ligaments, joints, pelvis and back at 36 weeks of pregnancy allows you to move and position the pelvis in such a way that the baby has ample place to maneuver inside the womb, and take the best position for birth, enabling the baby to emerge quickly and without any complication.

While visiting a chiropractor for neck pain in Rocklin is something you will benefit from, you should not hesitate to consult one if you are pregnant. Be sure to choose an experienced, trained and certified chiropractor who will create a customized adjustment plan based on your needs and term of your pregnancy. Call Connected Chiropractic at 916-624-4553, and consult with one of the best chiropractors in town!

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