Preparing for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful experience in the world. Only women have the power to bring a new life into this world. If you are planning to conceive for the first time, there are good chances that you have many questions on your mind. As hard as it may be for you to believe, a visit to a chiropractor can help you get answers to these questions.

To become a chiropractor, a person has to undergo intense training. Trained chiropractors understand the structure and functioning of the spine and nervous system like the back of their hand. They become experts at manipulating problematic joints and nerves, and can also help their female patients prepare for pregnancy.

Reproductive Health

When planning pregnancy, one of the foremost things to consider is your reproductive health. Before you mentally prepare yourself to carry a life inside you for nine months, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the frequency of your menstrual cycles? Are they regular?
  • How often do you see your chiropractor?

A healthy nervous system holds the key to a healthy hormonal cycle, which, as we all know, is a prerequisite for conception.

A Wellness Prenatal Strategy

Many women start preparing for pregnancy only after they find out that they are pregnant. Ideally, a woman should start prepping her body to carry a life at least 6-8 months before conception. When you are finally ready to plan a pregnancy, the first thing to do is book a prenatal wellness appointment with your family chiropractor.

During your session, discuss at length with the expert your plan to have a baby. Request them to outline an exercise and nutrition plan, and provide stress management and prenatal chiropractic care tips.

Nutritional Recommendations

You become what you eat. The rule is especially applicable to pregnant women. While you do not have to distance yourself from every food you love by substituting them with boring, bland foods, it is important that you consider what you eat when planning pregnancy. Remember to maintain a record of what you eat and drink a week before your prenatal wellness appointment. When checking whether your body’s nutritional requirements are met, your chiropractor will not just consider your needs but also the requirements of your future child. Based on their findings, the expert may recommend that you introduce the following changes:

  • Decrease or discontinue your consumption of caffeine, sodas and artificial sweeteners
  • Increase your water intake
  • Decrease or eliminate fast or processed foods from your diet
  • Increase your intake of fresh organic fruits and vegetables
  • Cut down on junk food, white flour and processed or refined sugar
  • Increase your consumption of healthy snacks such as nuts, seeds and foods rich in healthy fats

Healthy eating habits hold the key to a healthy pregnancy. To ensure smooth sailing, take every word that comes out of your doctor’s mouth as gospel.

Exercise Plan

In addition to making the right food choices, you need to come up with an exercise plan. Before talking to your chiropractor in this regard, create a list of exercises that you perform. Be prepared to answer any questions that the expert has related to the intensity and duration of exercises that you perform.

During pregnancy, you do not have to necessarily make major lifestyle changes. You can keep performing exercises till a few days before your delivery. Doctors recommend their pregnant patients to go on walks regularly as it strengthens the muscles, helping build stamina.

If you do not exercise, now is the best time to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Start by walking for 20 minutes at least twice every week. As you start building stamina, increase the frequency of your walks to 3-4 days per week. Exercising regularly will help prepare your body to carry an extra life.

Regular walkers report an increase in stamina and metabolism. Additionally, walking for 30-45 minutes every day can help keep a tab on bad cholesterol, boosting your overall health.

Other great exercises to perform during pregnancy are:

  • Upper body weight training – Helps with breastfeeding. When your upper body stamina improves, you are able to perform tasks such as carrying the baby carrier without any discomfort.
  • Yoga – Helps improve flexibility and breathing.
  • Water Aerobics – Helps relieve extra pressure off the spine and pelvis.

Dr. Michelle’s Top 5 Prenatal Tips

  1. Keep a record of your nutritional intake and exercise.
  2. Walk at least 20 minutes a day (for two days every week).
  3. To manage stress, consider joining a yoga class.
  4. Start taking prenatal vitamins prior to pregnancy.
  5. Never miss sessions with your chiropractor. Follow regular chiropractic care tips provided by the expert, prior to conception, and throughout your entire pregnancy.

Dr. Arietta is a qualified and dedicated chiropractor who specializes in providing chiropractic care for pregnancy in Rocklin, CA. Being a woman herself, Dr. Arietta has a deep understanding of the bodily and mental changes that women experience during pregnancy. She is committed to helping her patients have a normal pregnancy. To talk to her, call (916) 624-4553 or fill out our contact form, and we will get back to you!

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