Taking Your Baby to the Chiropractor for Colic: What to Expect

It has become commonplace for parents to run a search for an infant chiropractor near me. Whether it is for general wellness or colic, parents are seeking out chiropractic care for their babies.

Infant chiropractors modify their techniques, and this enables babies as well as infants to benefit from chiropractic care. Hence, it is safe to take your baby for chiropractic care at any age. In fact, the treatment can begin even if the baby is a few weeks or months old. Of course, it will also depend on the problem that needs to be addressed.

What to Expect as a Parent?

The chiropractor will want the baby’s entire history, including the health complaint that the baby has, neonatal history, nutrition, sleep habits, development, present and past medical conditions, diagnoses for medical conditions, bowel movements, and family history.

An infant chiropractor will conduct a full physical examination of the baby, including measuring the vital signs, checking the head, skin and face for abnormalities, testing reflexes, including those of the deep tendons, and finally testing the tone and strength of the muscles. The chiropractor may also perform orthopedic tests, like the range of motion and hip dysplasia.

After the examination, it is time to check the motion of the spinal joints. For this, the chiropractor will ask you to hold your baby in your lap so that they can move each vertebra back and forth and side to side to check if there is a restricted movement. If there is, the chiropractor will apply a light, but quick thrust to do away with the restriction. You will hear a popping noise at the time of the adjustment. Do not get worried; it is merely the gas bubbles in the spinal fluid being released.

How Will Your Baby React to Chiropractic Care?

In most cases, babies just do not react when a chiropractor performs an adjustment. At times, your baby may cry, but it is not due to pain. Rather, it is because the baby gets startled. The crying will not last a long time.

Once the chiropractic session is complete, you may find that your baby is calm and relaxed. Sometimes, the baby gets so relaxed during the treatment session that they fall off to sleep midway. Depending what you are treating the baby for, symptoms may disappear right after the treatment session or at times, you may notice incremental positive changes over a period of time.

The Final Words

While chiropractic treatment can help in improving your child’s immunity, and in alleviating other infant health issues, it is paramount that you find someone who is certified to work on infants. If you are looking for an infant chiropractor near me, consider visiting Connected Chiropractic. Our chiropractors have years of experience in treating patients of all age groups, including babies. You may also check online reviews to see what other parents are saying about our infant chiropractor. Call us today at 916-624-4553 to schedule an appointment.

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